Save the Date surprise holiday reveal scratch card.


Card description

Save the Date (insert date)


Scratch off message

You’re off to (holiday destination)


You can easily personalise all the text free of charge. Example - If you would like to add your wording instead of Save the Date or You are off to.


Alternatively, if you wanted to make it extra special with your own message, please let us know in the personalisation box below.


Examples of personalisation’s:

Message/Wording/Occasion – Holiday destination scratch message

Save the Date 22.07.2022 - You are off to Bora Bora

Happy Birthday - we/you're off to Spain

I've got a little surprise in store - we/you are going to Ireland

You will never guess what - we/you're off to Japan


Looking to give someone a big surprise in the best way possible? Or just to mark a special occasion in a unique and fun way?


Check out our other beautifully made surprise holiday card collection for more ideas. These handmade cards are unique, funny, and the most creative way in making a perfect memento for a special occasion.


With Love. With Fun. WITHPUNS


WITHPUNS is a UK based funny personalised greeting cards for all occasions. Our greeting cards are beautifully designed and printed in Essex, England, UK.

Save the Date holiday reveal scratch off card

SKU: w62
  • Size C6 when folded - approx 150mm*105mm.

    Bespoke paper goods with Love.

    Unique design and Illustrated by WITHPUNS cards.

    Printed onto smooth white paper (300gsm).

    Supplied with a 100% recyclable envelope.

    Blank inside for your own personal message.

    Designed and Printed in Essex, England UK.